It is well known that the world of social media and smartphones has profoundly changed our habits, our lifestyles and the way we work and how we think about work.

Since the 2000s, we have witnessed an important revolution, with the birth of new jobs and the adaptation of traditional ones to new technologies.

Everything has become more accessible and immediate, we can think about the way to get and transmit information, news, data; today we are allowed simply by surfing online through a phone, which we always have at hand. This clearly influences the ones who work with them every day.

One of the figures that is going through this revolution is the journalist. In fact, through social media, this can share and promote its contents in real time, reaching a much wider number of users than traditional tools allowed. But not only, using these platforms you have the opportunity to create a network of followers and establish new relationships; to monitor public opinion and feedback received from users. Today the digital world allows journalists to become much more active, collecting and deepening information, finding stories, analyzing trends, creating and sharing videos, images and other material.

But more importantly it is to make sure that their contents can reach the desired target and, above all, have some data which analyze the level of interaction generated by them. Noisefeed is a digital platform designed to help journalists, focused on the world of football, in this task, allowing access to news from around the world, to consult statistical data on the hashtags and trends in a completely customized way. Noisefeed also allows you to simultaneously monitor the progress of your content on all social platforms, thus saving time and analyzing the level of engagement generated by them.
Today, for a journalist, it becomes always more important to monitor what surrounds him and respond to relevant events in a reactive way, and Noisefeed gives you the opportunity to stay constantly updated and manage any kind of information in the way you prefer.