More and more frequently we witness famous players, and don’t, create contents which are shared on their digital profiles. Social networks were born with the aim of giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves and communicate with other people, wherever they are, in real time.

However, this new reality has created a real business, based on the likes, views and shares that a certain post can generate. Many are the players who have been able to exploit these tools to create a character, but not all of them manage to make the most of their content. Precisely for this reason, new professional figures were born today, whose task is to manage the social profiles of these subjects trying to make the most of them.


In fact, there are companies and professionals, which take care of the athlete’s social profiles, answer the questions posed by the community, defend the online reputation of their clients, publish new contents and develop relationships with the fan base.


Very often, the social pages of these subjects are hit by hacking actions, aimed at blocking access to their profile or their content, sometimes taking control of them and spreading fake news on the net. These professionals constantly monitor what happens on the profile and can immediately solve any problems of this kind.

Moreover, through an accurate digital strategy, they know how to valorize the published contents in the right way. Therefore, based on the trends of the selected target, they know when it is the right time to share a post, such as the right hashtags to use, such as the message to be communicated based on the online sentiment.

The experts in this field, clearly, have the appropriate skills to provide the player with an important commercial support, and allow him to gain through the contents published on his different profiles. In this regard, we are not only talking about an economic return, but also image, reputation, visibility, prestige, always in line with the path taken by the player in the digital world.


Noisefeed, as a database of information and data, updated in real time, on any aspect related to the football world, comes to help these professionals. This platform supports them in a continuous analysis of the value generated by the contents published on the players’ official pages, thus highlighting the reactions of the public all over the world, allowing them to intervene promptly in case of need.